Educational Assistance

Invest in yourself, invest in your future by continuing your education or finishing your degree.

Educational Assistance

Program Overview
Chipotle is committed to helping you advance your education and earn your degree. We've partnered with Guild Education to support employees like you in achieving your education goals and have made it easier than ever to balance a career and education. Learn more at

The Benefits
  • Tuition Assistance*: Contact Guild Education to find out how you may be reimbursed for tuition costs each year from Chipotle.
  • Financial Support: Access to financial aid advisors who may help you qualify for up to $5,920 in federal financial aid.
  • More Benefits: Receive support from a financial aid and career advisor to help you explore your options and succeed in your school from start to finish.

Who's Eligible
  • All Chipotle employees, regardless of position or years of service, may be eligible for up to $5,920 in federal financial aid and Guild's discounts at all of Guild's university partners.
  • Staff and Salaried Restaurant Managers who are rated as "3" or better on their annual performance reviews, are eligible for Chipotle Tuition Assistance.

Course Criteria
Before registering for any course, you need to attend a financial advising session with a Guild Education advisor, complete a financial aid application, and submit a pre-approval form. Visit or call (720) 709-2871 to learn more and begin the approval process. Courses eligible for Tuition Assistance from Chipotle need to be part of a program beginning, leading towards, or completing an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Where the Course is Taken?
To qualify for Tuition Assistance, all courses need to be taken at a:
  • Two or four year public or private college or university that is accredited by the Department of Education Business, technical or vocational school.
  • Graduate or post-graduate school that is accredited by the Department of Education.

Eligible Charges
Eligible expenses include tuition, registration, university and lab fees, books and specific supplies. Reimbursement will be calculated according to the receipts accompanying the request submission. Eligible charges will be fully reviewed and are subject to final approval by Guild and Chipotle.

How to Obtain Reimbursement
Reimbursement for eligible costs can be obtained by submitting a Tuition Assistance request at Request for reimbursement with all accurate and complete documentation must be received within 60 days of course completion.

* Tuition Reimbursement paid to employees in the states of NJ or PA may be subject to applicable state income tax. Please contact the Employee Service Center for additional information.

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