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The Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. 401(k) plan is a great way to save for the future. It offers tax-savings today or in the future, the ease of payroll deductions, a variety of investment options, and additional savings through a company match. Enroll early to maximize your savings potential!

Chipotle 401(k) Plan

Who Can Participate
Salaried employees who are age 18 or older and
Have completed one month of employment

Why should you participate?
  • Convenience: Paycheck contributions are automatically deducted each pay period to make saving for your retirement easy.
  • Tax Savings: If you enroll in the Traditional 401(k) plan, your contributions are taken pre-tax, so you pay less in taxes today while saving for the future. If you enroll in the Roth plan, contributions are made post-tax meaning your dollars grow tax deferred, and if you hold the account for at least five years and don't withdraw the money until at least age 59 1/2 you won't owe any taxes on your earnings.
  • Chipotle Match: If you are contributing to the 401(k) plan and have worked 1,000 hours within one eligibility period (an eligibility period is either 1 year from your hire date or January-December), Chipotle will help your savings grow by providing matching contributions. Chipotle will match 100% of the first 3% of compensation you contribute per paycheck and 50% of compensation you contribute per paycheck on the next 2%.

    Regardless of whether you elect to make Traditional pre-tax contributions, Roth contributions or a combination of the two, Chipotle will match all your contributions to the plan up to a total of 5%. This match will apply to your Traditional contributions first and your Roth contributions second.

    Match Example
    Here is how the match works:
    Your Salary: $30,000
    Your Contribution %: 5%
    Chipotle Match: 100% on first 3%
    50% on next 2%
    Example: 5% * 30,000 = $1500
    Chipotle Match: 100% of (3% * 30,000) = $900
    50% of (2% * 30,000) = $300
    Total Match = $1200

  • Vesting: You are 100% vested in (own) all contributions you and Chipotle make to your account. You can roll over plan balances from another qualifying plan into your Chipotle plan. If you ever decide to leave Chipotle, you can take your full balance with you.

How to Participate
  1. Register
    Via the Web: Log onto Transamerica Retirement Solutions. Under 'Retirement Plan Participants', click 'Sign in' or 'New to the Plan'. Follow the instructions for first time users to establish a password and enroll in the plan.

    Over the Phone: Call Transamerica at 800-755-5801. Transamerica's counselors can help you create a retirement strategy, determine how much to save, and decide on an appropriate investing solution.
  2. Enroll
    Once you have registered, you can enroll or make changes at any time during the year.
    • Choose your deferral percentage: Can elect between 1 and 50%
    • Learn more about the key differences between Traditional and Roth contributions and choose your deferral strategy
    • Choose your investment strategy
    • Confirm elections to complete the enrollment process
    Transamerica will notify Chipotle of your changes and the contributions will appear on the following paycheck.
  3. Designate your Beneficiary
    It is very important that you designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries for your retirement account, so that your assets can be distributed according to your wishes upon your death. You may complete this form online when you enroll and you can make changes to your beneficiary at anytime during the year.

Get more information
These plan highlights represent only an overview of plan provisions. For more information about any of the plan provisions including any conditions or restrictions that may apply, please refer to the Summary Plan Description or call Transamerica at 800-755-5801.

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