Time Away from Work

Chipotle offers paid holidays, vacation, sick time, and leave so you can relax, recover, and rejuvenate when you need to

Vacation Time

Chipotle offers paid vacation based on your position and years of service. Reference the Benefits Guide for your position for vacation accrual schedules and the full vacation policy.

Requesting Vacation
To view your available vacation balance in Workday, click on the "All About Me" worklet and select "Review Your Time and Time Off" under the "Time and Time Off" section.

Things to keep in mind
  • Any accrued vacation that is not used by December 31st of each calendar year is deemed not earned and is forfeited without pay. If you work in a jurisdiction with a paid leave or vacation law, Chipotle will comply with all applicable requirements of that law.
  • You may use your expected calendar year vacation accrual at any time during the year. However, if your employment ends and you've used more vacation days than you've accrued, any vacation that has been advanced to you but not yet earned may be deducted from your final paycheck, subject to and to the extent permitted by applicable law.
  • If you leave the company, you will be paid for any accrued, unused vacation which has accrued through your last day of employment as an AP-R or Staff employee.
  • If you change to a Crew, KM or SM position your accrual rate will also change. Please see the Crew, KM & SM Benefits Guide for accrual rate and additional information.

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Sick Time

AP-R & Staff employees are eligible to use up to forty (40) hours of sick time per year. On January 1 of each year, all AP-R & Staff employees will be granted the full sick time allotment of forty (40) hours. New employees hired during the calendar year will be granted the full sick time allotment of forty (40) hours when they are hired, and on January 1 of each following year. There are several jurisdictions that have mandated sick leave laws that are different from our standard policy. If you work in a location with a sick leave law, you will accrue and may use sick time on an accrual basis and as required by the sick leave law applicable to you. For additional information on these laws please reference your restaurant's Labor Law Poster or contact the Employee Service Center at (877) 625-1919 x People Support. Sick time may only be used for an employee's personal illness/injury or medical and dental appointments, and any other purposes for which sick time is required to be made available by applicable law. Because sick time is designed to provide benefits only to existing employees who temporarily are required to miss work, unused sick time is not payable upon termination of employment for any reason. In addition, any sick time that is not used by the end of the calendar year will be forfeited without pay unless you work in a jurisdiction with a paid sick leave law which mandates sick time balances be rolled over into subsequent calendar years. Unless otherwise required by law, if your employment is terminated and then you are re-hired by Chipotle, you will not be able to use sick time that accrued before your employment was terminated.

To use sick time, you must enter your sick time into Workday under Time Off and your sick time must be approved by your manager, unless otherwise required by law.

All employees who have experienced vomiting and/or uncontrollable diarrhea at home or at work must be immediately excluded from work and the Manager on Duty must immediately notify the SSR department at (303) 222-5968. You must also notify your field leader. Your field leader will provide you with additional information and support.

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Chipotle Holidays

Chipotle Holiday Schedule - US

You are eligible to accrue floating holiday(s) based on your month of hire/promotion and position, as illustrated in the Benefits Guide.

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Parental Leave

See your current Benefits Guide for details on paid parental leave.

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Sabbatical Leave

You receive one eight-week sabbatical for every 10 years of uninterrupted employment. (If you are promoted to a salaried position, you must complete three years of uninterrupted employment as a salaried employee before you're eligible.)
  • You are eligible to get your regular salary and benefits during your sabbatical.
  • The full eight weeks must be taken at one time.
  • Your sabbatical must be taken within 5 years of eligibility or it will be lost.
  • If you leave Chipotle within six months following the sabbatical, you will have to pay back all eight weeks of the salary you received.
  • An additional eight-week sabbatical can be requested after each additional 10 years and should be taken no more than five years after you become eligible.
  • You must achieve a rating of 3 or higher on your most recent performance review before the sabbatical period.
  • You may take any earned Personal Time Off (vacation, floating holiday, sick) in the same year that you take your sabbatical.
  • Discuss your time off at least 6-months in advance with your manager so your team can properly prepare for your absence.
Note: This eight-week sabbatical is not paid out at termination or demotion to an hourly position.

When you reach your 10 year mark, you will be able to request your Sabbatical using the following steps in WorkDay:
  1. Log in to WorkDay
  2. Click on the "All About Me" worklet
  3. Click on "Request a Leave of Absence" under the "Time and Time Off" section
  4. Enter the start and end date of your Sabbatical (Please note, this must be a full 8 weeks and your end date is the last day you will be on Sabbatical, not your first day of work)
  5. Click the related action button in the Leave Type field>Discretionary>Sabbatical
  6. Sabbatical & Vacation - IT Tips
  7. Once approved by Benefits, you will receive a Delegation Task in your WorkDay inbox. Please take the time to assign any daily, weekly, or monthly tasks that you are responsible for to another member of your team. Click here on how to complete the delegation task.
  8. When your sabbatical ends, Benefits will return you from leave in WorkDay. When you are returned, you will receive a delegation task to return all of your tasks back to you. Please reach out to WorkDayESC@chipotle.com if you run into any issues while completing these tasks.

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Leave of Absence & Disability

When you can't work for an extended period of time, you're eligible to request a leave of absence.
(When reviewing LOA requests, we consider any need for time off for more than 1 pay period for hourly employees, and 3 unpaid days for salaried employees)

Requesting a medical leave of absence:
Chipotle requires documentation for all medical leave of absences.
  1. Download and print the PDF document that is provided within the medical leave request in Workday.
  2. You will need to complete the employee section of the document and have a doctor or health care provider complete the remainder of the document.
  3. Once the document is completed, please attach the PDF scan or image of the entire document in the leave request and click 'Submit'.

You must return the completed documentation to Chipotle no more than 15 days from receiving the documents. If you cannot provide the completed documentation within the 15 day time frame, please return as soon as reasonably possible. If the documentation is not returned to Chipotle within the time frame required, your leave may be denied until the requested information is provided.

Returning to work from a medical leave of absence:
  1. Download and print the "Return to Work" PDF document that is provided within the return from leave of absence request in Workday.
  2. Please contact the Employee Service Center at 877-625-1919 x People Support to request a return from leave of absence.
  3. Please have your doctor or health care provider complete the document.
  4. Once the document is completed, please attach the PDF scan or image of the entire document in the return from leave request and click "Submit". You will not be able to begin working again until we have received your documentation.

We will accept other documents completed by a health care provider or a doctor's note for return to work only, as long as it contains the necessary information and is signed by a medical provider.

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