Participating in Wellness

Reducing the cost of medical premiums is only one reason to participate in the Chipotle Wellness Plan. Improvement of your overall well being is the other.

Program Overview

Chipotle Wellness aims to create an innovative culture of wellbeing by providing you physical, financial, emotional and community resources to inspire each individual employee to live their best life.

Chipotle wants to help you optimize your health and wealth by participating in the Chipotle Wellness Plan. You can earn up to $700 annually (employee only) or $1,400 (employee + spouse/domestic partner) and improve your health at the same time!

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How Do I Participate

Complete these steps to earn $400 in annual premium reductions!
  1. Obtain biometric measures at your doctor's office, LabCorp or by attending a Chipotle sponsored screening event
  2. Visit to register for a screening and download the necessary results form
  3. Compare your screening results to the 2018 wellness criteria below. If 3 out of 4 of your numbers meet the criteria or you participate in a reasonable alternative, you will be eligible for the premium reduction.

    2018 Wellness Criteria
    Wellness Criteria2018 Criteria
    (Meet 3 out of 5)
    Body Mass Index (kg/m2)<24.9
    Blood Pressure (mm/Hg)<120/80
    Total Cholesterol (mg/dL)<200
    Blood Glucose (mg/dL)<100
Our wellness provider only provides Chipotle with the name, date of completion, and confirmation of meeting criteria in order to administer the premium reductions.

Stay engaged throughout the year and earn $300 in wellness rewards!

Wellness is a lifestyle, not just a program or quick way to reduce your premiums. Participate in online programs at, set and track personal goals, get involved in challenges that promote physical or nutritional activity and improve your health.

If you continue to participate in wellness programs and challenges during the year, you'll be rewarded for each activity you complete. Redeem your rewards for gift cards at your favorite retailers and brands or choose to donate your rewards to a charitable organization.

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