Get the benefits that matter to you. Learn about your benefits, who is eligible for coverage, what plans are right for you and how to get what you want.


You are eligible to enroll in benefits in the first 30 days following your hire, initial promotion to Hourly Manager, or if you qualify as a full-time employee under the Affordable Care Act guidelines.

Dependents eligible to be covered include:
  • Legal or Common Law Spouse - For a common law spouse, you need to file a notarized Common Law Form
  • Domestic Partner - You need to file a notarized Domestic Partner Agreement.
  • Children - Dependent children will be eligible for coverage until their 26th birthday regardless of access to other coverage. This applies even if your child is married, does or does not attend school full-time or lives with you.

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Enrolling for the First Time?

Getting Started
  1. Visit WorkDay to enroll.
  2. Log in using your user ID and Password.
  3. Go to your notifications inbox to begin your enrollment process
    Step 1: Enter your dependent information
    Step 2: Choose your benefits, making sure to enroll any dependents into the plans of your choosing
    Step 3: Click 'Finish' to enroll and print your confirmation statement

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Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for 2019 is October 30th – November 13th, 2018. This is your once a year opportunity to review your benefits and make changes to your elections.

During Open Enrollment you can:
  • Add dependents previously not covered without an eligible life event
  • Remove dependents you no longer need covered
  • Enroll in benefits for the new year that can better meet your personal and family needs
Open enrollment materials have been mailed to your restaurant and will arrive in late October, ask your manager to provide you with your copy of the 2019 Crew, KM & SM Open Enrollment materials.

  • You must make your elections in Workday no later than 10pm EST on November 13th, 2018
  • We will continue to offer 2 hourly medical plans in 2019: the Preventative Plus Plan and the and Hourly PPO Plan. All Crew, KM & SM employees and their dependents are eligible for the Preventative Plus Health plan, the Dental plan and the Vision plan regardless of the number of hours you work per week. Crew regularly working 30 or more hours per week for the last 12 months (as determined by Chipotle), Kitchen Managers, and Service Managers are also eligible to participate in the Hourly PPO Health Plan.
  • Your plan eligibility may not be the same as it was last year, check with your manager or contact the employee service center if you are unsure which medical plan you are eligible for.
  • You may also obtain medical coverage from the online marketplace through GetInsured
  • Vision insurance will now be offered from EyeMed to all Crew, KM & SM employees for 2019.

  1. Download the 2019 Crew, KM & SM Benefits Guide or the 2019 California Crew, KM & SM Benefits Guide to learn more about available benefits
  2. Enroll in your 2019 benefits using Workday
    • Log into Workday
      • User ID = your employee ID with Leading Zeros (7 digits total)
      • Password = Existing Workday Password
      Forgot your password? Use the forgot password link from the Workday login screen. Still need help? Contact the Employee Service Center via email to workdayesc@chipotle.com or call (877) 625-1919
    • Verify your personal and dependent information
  3. Review your current benefits
  4. Open your Open Enrollment event by going to your Workday Inbox and selecting the Benefits Change – Open Enrollment task.
    • You must make all changes to your elections through this task.
  5. Make your desired changes for you and your family for 2019.
    Note: If you remain eligible for the plan you are currently enrolled in, your current coverage may carry over automatically, but we strongly recommend you review your benefit elections regardless.
  6. Your benefit elections will become effective January 1, 2019.

Explore Other Plan Options: You can also enroll in coverage through a health insurance marketplace if you want to(*). Go online to find out what your options may be.
Visit Anthem's Pre-Enrollment site to review your plan options and access cost calculators and coverage advisor tools.

(*)If you are a PPO-Eligible employee, you can enroll in a plan from the online marketplace, but you won't be eligible for federal tax credits. That's because Chipotle offers coverage that meets health care reform requirements for minimum value and affordability.

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