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I Want To...

...find a provider.
Finding a provider is easy, just click on the plan you're looking for below:
...order a new ID card.
If you've lost your medical insurance card, you can request a new one by contacting your carrier. Depending on your plan, you may also be able to use your carrier's Web site to print out a temporary card or to order a new card.To access your carrier's Web site, see Who to Contact.

...enroll in 401(k).
Via the Web: Log into the Transamerica website. Under 'Retirement Plan Participants', click 'Sign in' or 'New to the Plan'. Follow the instructions for first time users to establish a password and enroll in the plan.
Over the Phone: Call Transamerica at 800-755-5801. Transamerica's counselors can help you create a retirement strategy, determine how much to save, and decide on an appropriate investing solution.

...change my beneficiary.
  • Hartford Life Insurance: Log onto The Hartford to change beneficiary designation for your Basic Life Insurance benefit.
  • 401(k): Log onto the Transamerica website or call 800-755-5801. On the site, go to the Account Information tab and select Beneficiary to update your designation.

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What To Do When...

...you have a medical emergency?
If a situation seems life-threatening, take action immediately. Call 911 or your local emergency number right away. Also notify your doctor and make sure to contact your carrier within 48 hours if you or a covered dependent is admitted for treatment.

Using the Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care
While a trip to the ER seems logical, it may not always be the most cost effective choice for you. At the ER, true emergencies are treated first. Other cases will have to wait, often for hours, and may cost more than visiting an urgent care center.

If your medical issue occurs before 7pm M-F or before 5pm on Saturday, an urgent care center may be a better option to save both time and money. Check your medical carrier's website to find a center near you.

...you leave Chipotle?
You may be eligible to continue your medical coverage through COBRA or convert your life insurance. Please call the Employee Service Center for details.

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